Do you believe in miracles? I do

I’m sitting here reading my Sunday School lesson and I remember today was a day God gave me a miracle.
11 years on this day ..I cried out to God to conceive a child. Me and my husband had been trying for a year and nothing happened. 1 failed miscarriage. We resulted in help from the IVF clinic in our area. Failure and frustration was creating a toil on the marriage. We decided to stop for a while. After a month on March 23, 2003 there was a baby dedication and I was crying all over the place… My husband sat in silence because he knew why. The preacher (my current Pastor) gave an excellent sermon “ Let go and Let God…. We both went to alter for prayer. We went home and was intimate, immediate the Lord showed me a baby face, as beautiful as it could be…. My husband was acting some type of way, so I asked” did the Lord visit you, He said, ‘Yes.
2 weeks later felt symptoms of pregnancies, went to doctor and confirmed I was pregnant. The date on the sonogram of conception was March 23, 2003 … and every time I had one it always stated the same date.
Its these miracles that happen in our lives that we keep hope on the inside when uncertainties and circumstance come.
To know He is able to do exceedingly anything we could ask ….

Enjoying the Journey


For some reason Aints feel Saints are not suppose to enjoy this thing called Life. There are so many things we could do but there are times we restrict ourselves being concerned with what others think. Now, don’t get me wrong we are to be separated but not isolated.

Getting together with friends going to movies, theater show, jazz performances, theme parks…continue to do

If you are a part of a ministry initiate some fun activities I’m sure someone has been waiting for it to happen. If you wanna meet new people create a social meet and greet.

Back in the days when you went out clubbing you went alone and meet new friends, so when there are social meet and greets for Christians do the same. If you’re single Date. Hope I don’t have to define what Date means lol. I enjoy this life … You only have one

So in my everyday strive I will make sure I enjoy this journey with a smile

Who’s Watching Part 2

So we know those who are not save watch us .. but what about  those already in the faith watching you

That’s a good thing.. There is something different and strange about you.

The anointing shows in your life and how you handle situations ….. They are watching thinking even though you are going through you declare to be an overcomer. They are watching thinking you don’t look nothing like what you been through.. They are watching how your testimony can encourage them. They are watching feeling I want what they have.

So when you gets stares don’t take them to heart, it’s good to be watched

Who’s Watching

Some folks are wanting to be approached about Jesus.. Sounds kind of crazy but it’s true.

They wanna know the God you talk so much about and post on Facebook.  But you have invite them to know Him … There is a saying ‘someone is always watching’ that’s true not necessarily to catch wrong doing but to be just like you.. to know Christ in you.

We should be satisfied in our spirit when we see others come to Christ or receive Deliverance.

Pay attention to who’s watching you and introduce them to the Almighty god