Let’s Pimp Your Life!!!

There use to be a show called ‘Pimp My Ride’ what reminded me of this show is because, There are so many speaking events and coaching seminars…………We you can just ask yourself these simple questions.

Do you know what’s best for you?     Where are you in your life?    What’s driving you Not to move forward?

In pimp my ride they would fix up the car with gadgets that appealed to the drivers lifestyle and hobbies. What about your pimp life?

Let’s Pimp Your Life!!!
Break down and empty the things that have no purpose.. Eliminate the unnecessary places that don’t benefit your purpose.

Add life with color by bettering your attitude knowing you have great intentions everyday.

Chrome out your outer with exercise, a makeover, new hair do or cut, brighten your teeth
Polish your skills ..even a coach needs coaching .. Make friends with a different group of people. Reading is the best tool.

In Pimp My Ride it’s all about the bass, so turn up the volume in your life by being happy, smile more, mediate more, take more driving trip with the radio turned up, pray a gratitude prayer every morning, create a recipe. Turn on the radio and just dance.

You have the key to start and control the wheel for destiny

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The Perfect Love

There’s Mercy and There’s Grace. What ever you need God has it. During our hard times of difficulties and stress, we must always know the love of God conquers all. It’s his perfect love that covers us from all danger and harm. His perfect love that protects us as a sun and shield to his believers. For we know there is no fear in love for God who so loves us. For we know to serve Him with our whole heart which cost nothing, that truly doesn’t compare to how He love us. From the lost of loved one’s, pain of life struggles or the despair of things lost what a great feeling to be love by God. For we know God is love. 

God’s love is perfected (made complete; brought to fruition)

God’s perfect love precedes any love we possess

Tanisha Simpkins



Pastors- entitled Desperate:

Are we that desperate that we go out soliciting other people members?(what happen to us preaching & lifting up God allowing Him to drawn all men)

Are we that desperate that we inbox other people members on facebook asking them to participate in our church events (what happened to sending an invitation letter to the church)

Are we the desperate that we except members from another church (knowing where they came from) without getting a letter or calling that pastor to say hey!!! Your member is here.

Are that desperate that we would go behind another pastor’s back and offer their members more money or a position to work with us in our ministries.

Are we that desperate that we would allow peachers to preach in our pulpit without getting credentials.

Let’s take a step back and re-evaluate what type of example we’re living. Are we really that desperate


Pastor Andrea Bostick, Guest Blogger